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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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when is a good time for chief? >> end of august. >> okay. perfect thanks. >> commissioner. >> yes. i'd like to acknowledge contacting from the city attorney's office from 230u7 with another issue the officers are working with outside agencies for what the community wants to see so thank you. thank you deputy for bird-dogging that in terms of calendaring issues love to find out from the department a breakdown what we're doing in terms of here i go in
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demographics whose coming in the academy and their background. i've heard that folks are being hired that look like san francisco. i i know there's waves of hiring >> maybe we could do that in september. >> september okay. a date in september would be great commissioner. >> well september 4th we're going to do the the honors. >> the 11th maybe. >> thanks. >> want to do it the 11th? >> 9/11 is not good. >> then 9, 18/25.
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>> no district. >> 9/25 then. >> 9/25. okay >> and that will be captain. >> got it. commissioner >> just want to remind the commissioners that we do have we're still working on this the scheduling resolution. i know that deputy city attorney and myself are trying to prepare and get the recommendations out for you but we haven't actually decided on when to return but we should get that scheduled in the next couple of weeks so we can
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have a date certain. i want everyone to know it's still open your agenda we'll believe circling back with you >> it's now time for public comment on items abc and d. >> vote on whether or not to have this in closed session and for the administrative code section action. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, what happens is we'll move into closed section those are private issues and their confidential litigation matters.
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so any public comment regarding this okay no one it's closed call the next item >> line item 67 we go into closed session. >> and we want to vote on whether or not to go into closed session action. >> can i have a motion. >> all in favor. >> session. >> we're back in open session and you have a quorum. call a line item >> all discussion in closed session california code action.
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>> do have i have a movement foreclosure or non-disclosure. >> the last item is adjournment do r i have a motion. >> all in favor? thank you very much we're adjourned
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